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Hotel & Ground Transportation Included!

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Enjoy World Class Care in Tijuana, Mexico!

What is Included?

Ground Transportation
From Airport

Hospital Stay For Surgery & Recovery

Certified Bariatric Surgeons

International Standard Equipment

Pre & Post-Op Nutrition Program

Online Support Group

Experienced Bariatric Medical Team

3 Month Pre-Surgery Nutritionist

Professional Bariatric Psychologist

How Do I Qualify?

Whether you qualify for gastric sleeve in Mexico is dependent on the results from your surgeon’s assessment. Rest assured that we will guide you in making the best decisions regarding weight loss surgery.

Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30+

Age 16 to 65 Years Old

Low Risk of Complications

Your Bariatric Agenda

Includes Hotel & VIP Ground Transportation

bariatric clinic
hospital bed

Meet With Your Bariatric Coordinator, Surgeon and Dietitian. Then complete lab work and cardiac stress test.

Nova Vita Main Team

Pre-Surgical EGD Procedure if necessary. 

View virtual tour of our clinic.

Congatulations! Surgery is complete, and the transition into your new life starts now. You will be discharged 2-4 hours after your procedure is complete.

Post Operative Appointment with IV Therapy/Fluids. Final assessment by staff and surgeon.

Return home and start your new life!


Testimonials From Our Patients


It has been a great change in my health, mental and spiritual well being. Changing habits has not been easy, and I am grateful for my husband helping me in this journey. My mission is focusing now in helping everyone who wants a positive change in their health and appearance because everyone deserves to feel healthy and happy to look at themselves every day in the mirror.

Gabriela R.

Gastric Sleeve, 2 Years


I had my surgery with the best team I could have ever asked for and am forever grateful. I’ve regained my health and am feeling better than ever!

Christina C.

Gastric Sleeve, 22 Months


Best decision I could have made in my life; absolutely an incredible change! The team made me feel comfortable with the overall experience from the very beginning until now, 18 months later.

Mely L.

Gastric Sleeve, 18 Months


I’m a proud bariatric patient with improved self-esteem, more confident, and braver than ever. This is by far the best decision I could have taken, making me feel like a completely rejuvenated woman.

Danira G.

Gastric Sleeve, 2 Years

Alma Before After Bariatric Mini Bypass

Now I have health, self-esteem, smiles, happiness, and discipline!

Alma H.

Mini Bypass, 8 Months


Our Price

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions?

There are many benefits to losing weight. Always ensure that you understand why you want to lose weight and how losing weight will impact your life. Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding bariatric surgery. 

Each procedure acts through numerous mechanisms both anatomical and physiological. Such as: reducing gastric volume, improving appetite management through gut hormonal changes, decreases in caloric intake, increases in satiety , gastric nutrient malabsorption, enhancement of glucose dynamics, and overall improvement of your metabolic profile.

Like every other surgical procedure, the gastric sleeve has its risk factor. However, the chances of having complications are very slim.
The success of gastric sleeve surgery for weight loss also depends on the competence and experience of the medical team.

Our weight loss surgeons are professionals with many years of experience in Bariatric surgeries in Tijuana, Mexico. We are equipped with advanced knowledge and equipment to deliver on your weight loss surgery successfully.
Our facilities meet international safety standards and guidelines including:

1. FDA approved equipment and modern practices/methods
2. Our surgeon to patient ratio complies with international regulatory and statutory requirements
3. We have dedicated weight loss surgeons on standby to fill you in on the gastric sleeve procedure and the results you should expect at the end.

Whether you qualify for gastric sleeve in Mexico is dependent on the results from your surgeon’s assessment. Rest assured that we will guide you in making the best decisions regarding weight loss surgery.


Here are general requirements for gastric sleeve Tijuana

  1. Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 +
  2. The age range of between 16 to 65; depending on Bariatric assessment, and
  3. If your weight-loss expectations are realistic and will not pose the risk of complications.

You should expect to lose between 82% to 100% of excess weight in the first year at an average rate of 2 to 3 pounds every week.
Here is a possible weigh loss pattern for gastric sleeve Tijuana, Mexico.
1. 25% – 35% excess weight loss in the first 3 months
2.33% – 60% excess weight loss in 6 months
3.60% – 100% excess weight loss in 12 months

With around $5000, you can get professional gastric sleeve surgery done in Mexico. You could be paying well over $20,000 In the United States for the same procedure. Gastric sleeve cost in Mexico is very affordable, and there are no hidden charges.

Our all-inclusive gastric sleeve procedure offers the following
1. Ground Transportation
2. Hospitalization
3. Certified Surgeons
4. Modern and International standard equipment
5. Pre-Op and Post-Op nutrition program
6. Online support group
7. Medical Team.
8. Pre surgery Diet and Nutritionist for 3 months
9. Bariatric Psychologist

Gastric sleeve Tijuana is available to both Americans and Canadian with little or no insurance coverage. Through our strategic partnership and network of physicians, we can offer flexible payment plans. You can also choose to defer payment to a more convenient time.

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