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Success Stories

Hear From Our Happy Patients


It has been a great change in my health, mental and spiritual well being. Changing habits has not been easy, and I am grateful for my husband helping me in this journey. My mission is focusing now in helping everyone who wants a positive change in their health and appearance because everyone deserves to feel healthy and happy to look at themselves every day in the mirror.

Gabriela R.

Gastric Sleeve, 2 Years


I had my surgery with the best team I could have ever asked for and am forever grateful. I’ve regained my health and am feeling better than ever!

Christina C.

Gastric Sleeve, 22 Months


Best decision I could have made in my life; absolutely an incredible change! The team made me feel comfortable with the overall experience from the very beginning until now, 18 months later.

Mely L.

Gastric Sleeve, 18 Months


Incredible team. My life changed for the better. I can finally sit with my legs crossed. I’m sleeping better, feeling active and happier than ever.

Gabriela R.

Gastric Sleeve, 6 Months


I’m a proud bariatric patient with improved self-esteem, more confident, and braver than ever. This is by far the best decision I could have taken, making me feel like a completely rejuvenated woman.

Danira G.

Gastric Sleeve, 2 Years


It is the best decision I could have done for myself. I will always be grateful to the entire team. It completely changed my life for the best.

Carla G.

Gastric Sleeve, 1 Year

Alma Before After Bariatric Mini Bypass

Now I have health, self-esteem, smiles, happiness, and discipline!

Alma H.

Mini Bypass, 8 Months